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A research in the US provides discovered Lesbian young adults have sex younger, convey more lovers and
engage in riskier procedures than bi or heterosexual women

One out of five sexually energetic lesbian teenagers in the United States in addition reported lately having sexual intercourse with a person, based on the investigation, printed when you look at the

Diary of Adolescent Health


The analysis additionally found, lesbian teenagers apparently lose their virginity within normal chronilogical age of 13 decades 9 several months, that is dramatically younger than bisexual (15 years 30 days) and heterosexual (15 years a few months) girls.

Lesbian and bisexual teenagers also have significantly more intimate associates than straight ladies, although bi teenagers reported having more gender with men.

The report indicates this could be because bi girls feel higher social force for sex with males, or because they feel greater sexual pleasure performing this.

For safe intercourse, lesbians had been discovered to be much riskier next their peers, with significantly less than a third stating they had mentioned using condoms or dental dams due to their newest sexual lover.

The document shows this may be because ‘lesbians tend to be less likely to want to think they might be in danger of STIs whenever having sexual intercourse’.

Compared, nearly two-thirds of bi girls and three quarters of direct women said they’d mentioned exactly the same concern with regards to partners.

The co-authors in the research and president regarding the Center for Innovative market wellness analysis, Michele Ybarra, described:

Our conclusions emphasize that sexual direction labels and sexual behaviour cannot constantly align – specially through the teenager decades.

This means lesbian and bisexual ladies might be having unprotected sex with boys – and with ladies.»

Another, the University of Boston Columbia’s nursing professor Elizabeth Saewyc included,

Intimate health training needs to be detailed and address intimate wellness for everybody.

Products want to show all childhood about safe sexual methods when it comes down to types intercourse they are having, and that means training pregnancy avoidance and condom settlement abilities to lesbian and bisexual girls as well.»

Co-author Margaret Rosario, a professor of therapy at City college nyc decided, claiming:

Testing is typical, which explains why teenage health professionals have to make sure that each younger individual contains the abilities she must hold herself safe.»

The study, co-authored by scientists from the University of British Columbia and the Graduate Center and City university of the City University of brand new York, made use of information collected on the web from almost 3,000 US ladies, elderly 13–18 many years.

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